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Sildalis is a drug that is unique in its effectiveness, which allows to eliminate male sexual dysfunction problems. For such a strong effect it can be easily called an atomic bomb among the potency regulators.

Sildalis combines two main  active substances — Sildenafil and Tadalafil, which are the basis of such drugs as Viagra and Cialis accordingly. The combined action of these active substances is guaranteed to restore potency and increase sexual desire even in the most difficult cases of erectile dysfunction. You can order Sildalis in our pharmacy and try this effect right now.

How Sildalis works?

One pill of Sildalis contains one full dose of Sildenafil and Tadalafil, forming together a double dose. Due to the peculiarities of the action of these medical agents, their effect doesn’t add up, but multiplies, enhancing the actions of each other. Due to this feature, Sildalis has a more prolonged effect than Viagra or Cialis.

The mechanism of action of this medicine is simple: sildalis dilates the blood vessels and, accordingly, the cavernous bodies of the penis and activates the blood flow, causing a powerful rush of blood to the genitals. This ensures a strong erection and also significantly increases the quality and strength of sensations during sex.

Particular advantage of its regular use is the therapeutic effect of Sildalis. Tadalafil, which is part of the drug, provides a strong erection for a long period, even after the drug is discontinued.

How to use Sildalis?

In our pharmacy Sildalis is available in pill form for oral administration. Ordering it you may choose blister with the required amount of drugs.

Sildalis pill has red color and a special dividing strip that allows you to choose the optimal dosage.

You should take the one pill half an hour before an intended sexual intercourse. Keep in mind that the medicine is very powerful and if you have never used it before, you should try starting with half the pill. The action of Sildalis starts only in the presence of a natural stimulating factor, and its effect lasts up to 40 hours!

What contraindications Sildalis has?

Before ordering Sildalis in our pharmacy you should learn contraindications, such as: congenital anomalies of the penis, severe liver or kidney dysfunction, allergy to one of the components, pathology of the cardiovascular system. The combined use of sildalis with nitrate preparations is contraindicated. It is also not recommended to take the drug together with alcohol and fatty food.

Sildalis is a powerful medicine that easily can eliminate the problems of male sexual dysfunction even in the most severe cases. The effectiveness of its use has been proven by clinical trials and thousands of positive reviews.

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